Mitch Gordon and the Unleaded Band

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Mitch Gordon & the Unleaded Band
Friday, July 21
10:30 to 12:30 p.m

Mitch Gordon
(Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) Growing up in a musical family, Mitch’s taste for country music was high on his mind. From singing tunes “Little Bitty” and “Hey Good Looking” when he was a lad, ’til today where he has a performed with some great musicians and friends along the way. When Mitch sings his new single “One Go Around” it is nothing but the truth coming from the heart. “You really have ONE GO AROUND and when you are sharing your truth on stage nothing shows more passion, says Mitch.”With playing live in a group since he was just 16 years of age till today traveling, writing music, and learning everyday from everyone around him he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Mitch has had some of the best influences including his father (which still plays today) and brother that have got him all started on the crazy life. Mitch feeds off many artist from the greats as Waylon and Cash to artist such as Randy Rogers, Turnpike Troubadours, Alan Jackson, Jason Aldean and many more. Mitch is the one that makes sporadic decisions and will try just about anything to make the wheel turn. (Also he is one of the best at backing up the trailer!)

Mike Thorseth
Mike has been working in the music business since he got his first job learning to repair brass instruments for Al Asmus in 1998. A job he is still doing today! He also has worked as a music educator for high schools in Central Minnesota teaching marching band, drumline, and pep band. Jeremy coaxed Mike onto the stage after seeing Mike teach bass to one of his drumline students. Mike brings a wide influence of musical styles to the stage including jazz, rock, classical, classic country , and even some drum corps inspired grooves!

Jaymi Struthers

Jaymi has had an aspiration for music since her childhood. She began taking piano lessons at the age of 6, and has loved playing ever since! In school she took up playing drums/percussion in the concert band. Throughout her primary education Jaymi participated in a wide variety of musical ensembles, competed in state wide competitions, and grew a love for many different genres of music. In her later high school years, she picked up guitar and began songwriting which sparked her dream in pursuing a career in music.

In 2008, Jaymi attended Southwest Minnesota State University and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Music Theory and Composition. Her time there was similar to earlier years in performing/participating in as many ensembles as she could; sharpening her skills and furthering her knowledge.

After graduating she moved to the metro area and began networking; opening the door to a life on stage. In 2012, Jaymi joined the band Maiden Dixie and toured with them for two years. Soon after she joined Mitch Gordon & the Unleaded Band. In her spare time she still writes and records her own music, and plays in side projects.

Besides her career in music, Jaymi likes her country girl life. “Keeping a balance is the key to being successful and enjoying life,” states Struthers. “I love to be outdoors and hanging out with my family and friends as much as I can! They’re what keep me going, and they’re also my inspiration. I’m blessed with this awesome life God gave me!”

Jeremy Schreifels
(Drums) Jeremy’s experiences of performing in orchestras, wind ensembles percussion ensembles, and theatre productions shape his unique sound and approach to the drums to the stage. Since playing with such bands as The Sweet Papa Dave Band, The Greg Michael’s Band, The Unleaded Band, Whiskey Plates, Outside Recess, Hell Country Truckers, and his over projects Mad Purple and Crescent Moon Jazz, Jeremy has found a new and inspiring performance venue! “Since leaving the symphonic stage, I have continued my approach to the drums in the same manner a conductor directs an orchestra; I lead the band musically where it needs to go.” Jeremy brings to the stage some of his favorite influences; the energy of Rich Redmond, the precision and style of Daniel Glass, and the groove of Steve Gadd.

Neal Elder
(Lead Guitar) Neal was born and raised in Champlin, MN Naturally, as a musician he tends to be a lover of all types of music. Neal is very outgoing with a charming personality so feel free to strike up a conversation during a break at a show.

Neal’s musical talent started early on with the piano, but shortly after he attended a talent show (7th grade), he was introduced to a full live band…the piano went on the back burner and a shiny new guitar was brought.

Meanwhile, in the spring of 2008, he was employed at a coffee shop, where he made his first debut. Still inspired to play music in front of an audience, Neal played acoustically for anyone who would listen: family, friends, and locals and if there was a gathering, there is a good chance Neal was entertaining.

Over the the past few years, he has been concentrating on writing and producing music. His knack for song writing has yielded several originals that range from Country Rock to Alternative. It has only been recently that this self taught guitarist/vocalist has been playing regularly in front of crowds with groups such as The Preacher’s Son and Farmer’s Daughter and Wildfire.

Neal’s Musical influences are Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Foo Fighters, Luke Bryan, and Garth Brooks.